Текст ** тему моё хобби 12 предложений!

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Текст на тему моё хобби 12 предложений!

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Моє хобі. My Hobby

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My hobby
Different people like doing different things; different people have different hobbies.
For example, my cousin is fond of collecting stamps. He has got a very good collection of stamps and he is proud of it. His stamps can tell you about different people and different countries. His hobby is popular with people of all ages. My cousin says that collecting stamps is easy and interesting. It is real fun for him. He learned a lot of interesting things about history and famous people, when he started to collect stamps.
At first he collected every kind of stamps. But soon he began to specialize in stamps of one subject only. Now his collection is thematic. His theme is fish.
Some of my classmates are collectors too. They collect badges, coins, dolls, toys, pencils, postcards, and many other things.
But collecting things is not the only hobby people have. Some people are fond of travelling, playing, football or gardening. And that is their hobby.
As for me, my hobby is reading. I am fond of reading adventure, scientific, fantastic and detective novels or stories.