Помогите пожалуйста, написать тему про зимние каникулы ** английском языке.

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Помогите пожалуйста, написать тему про зимние каникулы на английском языке.

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My winter holidays.

There are a lot of things in our school life, good or bad, which we shall remember all our lives. Our school holidays are among them. Every pupil has four holidays. Some pupils enjoy summer holidays best, some others prefer winter holidays, and other children like those which they spent very well.
The winter holidays that I had years ago, are still very vivid in my memory. I had open looking forward to the holidays very much because half the.

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I love the winter holidays. Although they are much shorter than the summer, but are always fun and bright. That's because the winter holidays fall my favorite holidays - Christmas and New Year. All two weeks off from school holiday atmosphere reigns.

I usually spend my winter vacation home, because the holidays come to our grandparents or other relatives. We collectively prepare for the celebration - decorate the house and prepare delicious meals. And then the whole family celebrate the New Year, usually do not sleep all night.

And this year, I hope that I will be able to visit the Carpathians. This is my dream - to spend your winter vacation at a ski resort, ski, see for yourself the beauty of the mountains in winter.

Winter break gives a break from school, talk with friends and spend time hobby. In the winter when it's freezing, I love to sit with a book by the window and listen to music. And when it snows, I'm going to walk into the street. All around the white, it seems that you get a completely different dimension. So beautiful around! You can go skating or fly down a hill on a sled, or even play in the snow and make a snowman. It's always fun for everyone - children and adults.

Winter break - a wonderful time. Too bad they quickly run out, and once again we have to return to school. But the vivid impression of a well-conducted time remain with us for a long time and brightens tough training routine.